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6 Bench Ad Ideas That Work Every Time

Unlike newspaper advertising, commercials and other mediums, your bench ad must be written in a way that can capture customers’ attention in seconds… and take up only a few feet of space! That’s why clear, impactful and well-thought out ads are so important.

If you’re stumped, these simple ideas may make writing your bus bench ad easier:

Something silly

Don’t feel the need to be overly formal and exact with your bench ad’s copy. Potential clients will often see your bench ad on the way to work—you can make their morning commute more enjoyable (and more memorable) by using a joke or silly element in your bench ad’s design.

Your own slogan

Many businesses shy away from using one of the easiest advertising lines available: their own slogan! This phrase doesn’t even have to be coined by your business—if a customer or online review has dubbed you “the people’s pizza place,” then by all means include this testimonial in your ad. By using your slogan in your bench ad, along with other key information, you can unify your shop, restaurant or firm’s reputation in the community… and that’s always a good thing! 


Alliteration is one of those techniques that allows us to remember things more easily. If it fits in with the tone of your bench ad, using a short phrase in which all the words start with the same letter sound (“the grout guys,” for example) may work to your advantage.

Basic information only               

Avoid overstuffing your bench ad with all the copy and contact info you can think of… but be sure to include relevant details, of course, like a phone number or address. By keeping your ad’s text to a minimum, you’re making it easier for potential clients to read and remember what you have to say, which is what bench advertising is all about!

Key questions

Using a quick question as part of your bench ad’s copy can make potential clients think about (and remember) your ad and your business. Hungry? Need home improvement help? These are just a few ways short, snappy questions can improve the effectiveness of your bench ad.

Call to action

Relevant information on your bench ad is a must—but be sure to tell your audience what they should do with that information! In addition to your phone number, address, website, or other piece of info, invite your customers to “call” your number or to “stop by” your shop for a bite to eat. Whatever your business may be, it can definitely benefit from a clear and inviting call to action.

These bench ad ideas are classics—no matter what your business is, they’re simple ways to get your message across. Of course, if you need more individualized help with choosing the right look and message for your own bench ad, please don’t hesitate to contact us today! We can help you design the most effective ad for the area and industry you’re advertising in.

6 Bench Ad Ideas That Work Every Time

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What People Had To Say:
"My patients comment on my bench signs all the time. It sells!"
- Dr. Joe Battaglia of Battaglia Chiropractic Health Centre
"We started advertising on Waverly's Bus-Benches in 2012 and have enjoyed great response and increase to our electronics repair business."
- Jim from Jimz Fit It
"Bench Advertising really helps people find our business"
- Pat Snead of Pat's Riverfront Cafe
"On the Waverly Bus-Benches, anyone walking, biking, or driving on US1 sees our message. Now THAT's what I call good exposure!"
- Jim from Jimz Fit It
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