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We’re Thankful For…

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, now is a great time to reflect on what you’re most thankful for in life—family, friends, health and home are just a few! 

If you’re a business owner, there’s no doubt you’re thankful for the positive influence advertising and other promotional tools have on your business. In today’s blog, we’re looking at a few more reasons to be thankful as business owners in Central Florida.

Beautiful weather

Here in Florida, the beautiful weather (especially during the fall and winter months!) is certainly something to be thankful for—and not just for personal enjoyment. Our sunny climate ensures that people, both visitors and residents alike, will always be out and about and (potentially) seeing your outdoor ads. Winter doesn’t coop anyone up here—in fact, it has just the opposite effect.

A thriving tourism industry

Of course, our pleasant weather wouldn’t mean much if people didn’t have a reason to go outdoors. Fortunately, Florida (and Central Florida specifically!) is home to a wide variety of recreation destinations that get people in the doors of local shops, restaurants and businesses. Daytona Beach and New Port Richey are just a few examples of popular Florida go-to spots.

From theme parks to national parks and everywhere in between, there’s always a reason to get out and enjoy Florida… which is great news for you and your business. 

Instant ads

Not too long ago, designing and printing just one spectacular ad for your business was a tall task to take on. Fast forward to the 21st century, and the creation and distribution of ads in all of their forms is easier than ever. There’s nothing holding you back from designing a dozen or more bench ads, for example, with the same look and message—unless, of course, you want to switch your ads up by location! No matter your preferences, ads and promoting your business are easier now than they ever have been.

More ways to reach customers than ever before

In addition to the sheer ease and simplicity of reaching today’s customers, there is a wealth of ways to promote your business, too. Today, you don’t need to stick to the traditional newspaper or commercial ad—in fact, there are newer (and often better) ways to promote your business these days. Many business owners employ a diverse mix of social media and physical advertising to promote their business, which is a great luxury we enjoy in today’s modern age.

As you can see (and may have already realized yourself), there’s a lot to be thankful for as a business owner here in Central Florida. What are you most thankful for? Be sure to share your ideas with us here!

And remember—it’s not too late to up your advertising and begin your own bench ad campaign for this year or early 2016. Get in touch with us so we can help you design and distribute ads that will help your business this season.


We’re Thankful For…

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"My patients comment on my bench signs all the time. It sells!"
- Dr. Joe Battaglia of Battaglia Chiropractic Health Centre
"We started advertising on Waverly's Bus-Benches in 2012 and have enjoyed great response and increase to our electronics repair business."
- Jim from Jimz Fit It
"Bench Advertising really helps people find our business"
- Pat Snead of Pat's Riverfront Cafe
"On the Waverly Bus-Benches, anyone walking, biking, or driving on US1 sees our message. Now THAT's what I call good exposure!"
- Jim from Jimz Fit It
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